10 Surprising Video Game Trends (For 2022)

It is safe to say that the last couple of years have been challenging for the video game business. Development cycles have been substantially hampered as a result of concurrent lockdowns, working from home, and the overall malaise that has plagued all of us. This, in turn, has led to excruciating delays in production and delivery.

Despite the fact that the worldwide epidemic is still running strong, game makers have not been deterred from pursuing innovation, looking into new ideas, and reviving older concepts.

In light of this, here are eight developments in the world of video games that you should keep an eye out for in 2022, as the recovery (fingers crossed) continues to spread during the course of the year.

The use of augmented reality.

First things first: let’s get augmented reality out of the way… with Pokemon Go!

It has been very well received by a large number of individuals, numbering in the millions. At least for the time being. In the end, the gameplay was not engaging enough to keep the high numbers that Niantic snatched right out of the gate. This was a major disappointment.

Despite the significant decline in popularity, Pokemon Go demonstrated how total strangers, even those who are not fans of Pokemon or video games, can bond over a shared interest in an augmented reality game. When it was at its peak, it was not unusual to see groups of teenagers strolling the streets, occupying a Pokestop, and dropping lure modules as if they had no other responsibilities.

Is it possible that Niantic’s rise to the top (above even Twitter) is just because to the success of the Pokemon franchise, or might it also be due to the augmented reality component? It is most likely that it was a mix of the two, but it will be interesting to see how augmented reality develops in the future.

Virtual Reality

Going one step further, we now enter the realm of virtual reality, moving on from augmented reality. This past year saw the triumphant comeback of virtual reality in a big way. Oculus Rift and the game’s Steam platform, which has been undergoing development, both seem to have exceptionally bright futures. It’s possible that the headset that comes along with the PS4 will be even easier to use.

Although they haven’t published a pricing for their tech, millions of individuals have a PS4. Then there’s Gear, which is a virtual reality headset that enables you to play games like Minecraft. It will be really fascinating to watch how social components are brought in. What would it be like to be in the same room with your friends from all around the globe, but see their avatars instead? That’s an intriguing possibility, to say the least.


This year has seemed like a simmering pot that’s about to release a significant amount of pent-up pressure all at once. There is an alarming increase in instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia. Video games are an effective medium for communicating with a wide range of demographics, particularly young people.

Kids, and everyone else, may learn to appreciate the uniqueness that comes with being different when games have diverse and inclusive content. There is a possibility that more diverse characters may appear in video games as more subsets of the entertainment industry work towards greater equality.

Incremental Console Upgrades

This is a trend in peripheral game design, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. It would seem that the seven-year cycle of consoles has come to an end. New versions of the Xbox and PS4 have been revealed by both Microsoft and Sony. Both the Xbox One S, which will feature minor hardware enhancements and a sleeker shell, and the Xbox Scorpio, which boasts significant hardware advancements, were unveiled by Xbox. The Xbox One S will be available in spring 2017.

The PlayStation 4 Neo from Sony is similarly supercharged. Because new versions of computer software and phone technologies are published every year, it was only a matter of time until new versions of video games were also introduced.

Mobile Gaming

The video game giant Nintendo is getting into the mobile gaming business. We have also discussed how the success of Pokemon Go demonstrates that previously unreachable populations may be reached. The trends also reveal that the top mobile games have continued to be the top mobile games; new games have not been able to topple the games that are already in the top spot.

The development of games for a wide variety of platforms is now simpler than it has ever been, but it is becoming more difficult to attract players who are interested in playing them.

All the Buzz

Are shorter excitement cycles something that the gaming industry should look forward to? We saw firsthand the devastating results that over-hyped the game No Man’s Sky brought about. The enthusiastic gamers’ speculations about the game set many people’s expectations in a direction that was far different from what the makers really promised. Due of the tiny size of their team, building excitement for an awesome idea that they have been working on helps with financing and sales.

On the other hand, Bethesda chose to make the announcement of Fallout 4 at E3, and the game did not come out until November of that same year. Is it the way of the future for larger game developers and publishers to manage their customers’ expectations by using hype cycles that are shorter?

The Indie Love Movement Was Diluted

Aspiring designers may get their hands on a wide variety of developer platforms, ranging from Twine to Amazon’s AAA-quality Lumberyard. These platforms are all accessible to them. This software availability, along with historically low entry hurdles, has resulted in an unprecedentedly large influx of independent video games into the market.

It implies that more independent video games are being played by people, but it also means that it is more difficult to have your own independent game played by people. They have an overwhelming selection of games.

The Apple TV
Apple TV is a gaming platform that is expected to continue to have more games added to it. The most recent iteration of Apple TV is virtually begging for game developers to create content for it.


Lumberyard is the only editing programme that incorporates Twitch mechanics directly into its core. Exploring the many ways in which streaming and community gaming may be further incorporated into the overall gaming experience is now simpler than it has ever been before.

“Feeling First” Design

“Feeling First” design begins with the feelings that the creators of the game want the players to experience. They then proceed to build the gameplay, the plot, and the mechanics based on this foundation.

In comparison to the conventional method of making video games, this one is quite the 180. Funomena was the first company to use what is now known as “Feel Engineering.” It’s about giving gamers their own distinct and moving emotional experiences from playing the game.

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