What Elements Make Up a Fantastic Game? 10 Essentials to Enjoyable Games

The same question occupies the thoughts of each and every video game designer:

“What are some ways that I can create a game that people will like playing, that will become well-known, and that will earn a lot of money?”

Even if there isn’t a straightforward solution, it doesn’t harm to look at what some of the finest games have in common.

You’ll discover a few characteristics that are common to the majority of fantastic games below.

The Most Important Aspects of the Greatest Games

Excellent Regulators
If your players are unable to engage with the game in the appropriate manner, none of the other aspects of your game’s design will matter.

Creating controls that are appropriate for the game and add value to the experience is one of the most difficult aspects of developing video games. This ensures that gamers will not experience any frustration while attempting to carry out certain tasks, nor will they feel confined in any manner.

One of the finest examples is Super Mario 64, which is a game that will always be exciting to play due to its outstanding controls, which offer you entire control over Mario’s moveset. This makes Super Mario 64 one of the best examples.

An Engaging Approach Both Thematically and Aesthetically

Even if every game designer is aware that perfecting the gameplay is more vital than creating appealing graphics, this does not imply that the aesthetics of the game do not matter.

Because the user is constantly exposed to the images, the designers of the game need to ensure that they are consistent with both the setting of the game and the mode in which it is played.

An excellent illustration of this may be seen in the video game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which has breathtaking graphics that set its bright aquatic world apart from all others.

Outstanding Audio and Musical Quality

The importance of a game’s audio is something that is well known to everyone who works in the video game industry.

Sound effects are necessary in video games in order to provide the impression that the virtual characters and the environment they inhabit are more alive and realistic. On the other hand, the player’s experience may be heightened significantly by the game’s music, which likewise plays a significant role in creating emotion in the player.

The video game Gears of War has, from the beginning, included an impressive audio design.

It would be wonderful to be able to do anything, from chainsawing through an opponent to completing a flawless active reload.

Worlds That Will Captivate You

Games, in contrast to other types of entertainment like as cinema and television, are interactive and include environments that can be navigated freely by the player.

People will only be interested in exploring what your universe has to offer if there are aspects of it that attract and hold their attention, of course. This might be anything, from interesting locations and objectives to prizes and difficulties lurking around every turn.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, released in 2015, accomplished this goal by creating a world that had a sense of life and was interesting to explore.

Fun Gameplay

One may argue that the gameplay is the most significant part of a video game.

If the primary game mechanics that the player will be completing are not enjoyable, then your creation could as well have been a movie instead of a video game, despite the fact that it might have jaw-dropping visuals and an intriguing plot.

On the topic of what makes gaming entertaining, there are lots of ideas and concepts that can be found online, and every game creator should look into some of these options.

What greater example could there be than Tetris, a game whose gameplay can be described as “simple to learn yet difficult to master” and which has enthralled players for decades?

Solid Level Design
The finest games often have fantastic levels that are designed to supplement the primary gameplay elements of the game.

The tale will go more quickly thanks to levels that have been thoughtfully designed to keep players interested even as they confront more difficult difficulties. It takes a lot of effort and careful preparation to become skilled at the art of effective level design. This is necessary to ensure that players are never pushed or disappointed by the experience, but are instead motivated to continue exploring and progressing.

Banjo-Kazooie is a famous N64 game that gave fantastic levels to play.

Each planet included its own own set of obstacles and graphic style, and although the game itself became increasingly more difficult, it was still a lot of fun to play.

Characters Who Will Be Remembered
Regardless of whether your game has a strong emphasis on story or not, it is important to have characters who are not monotonous and easy to forget.

This involves building characters who are aesthetically attractive, well-written, and that the player can connect to.

The majority of storytellers would even say that the characters, and not the storyline or the environment, are what differentiates a good tale from a great one.

While there are tonnes of wonderful examples, we couldn’t help but settle for Chrono Trigger.

It is difficult to forget this masterpiece’s vibrant ensemble of characters, which includes a lad with red hair, a robot, a humanoid frog, a cave maiden, a dark wizard, and a number of other memorable figures.

Good Balance of Challenge & Reward
Another issue that all game designers confront is achieving the appropriate mix of difficulty and reward.

If you design a game too difficult, no one will want to play it because they will get frustrated, but on the other hand, if you make a game too simple, players may become bored with it. The finest games are those that have been fine-tuned to give a fair escalation of difficulty. This ensures that players continue to feel challenged and rewarded throughout the game.

The Halo games are an excellent series to look at if you want to see a first-person shooter campaign that begins with simple objectives and gradually becomes more difficult without ever seeming impossible.

An Interesting Account of Events

The narratives presented in some of the very best and most cherished video games of all time remain ingrained in people’s memories.

Whatever the cause may be, people have a strong need to be moved, amused, and encouraged by captivating tales that have unique characters, unexpected narrative twists, and other elements.

Because of the participatory nature of games, they also have the potential to serve as a medium for conveying stories in a way that no other media can match.

The Mass Effect video game series is a wonderful example of video games that have narratives that have the ability to captivate players and consistently leave them wanting to see how things come to a conclusion.

Something Unique than others

Even while it would seem like a smart idea to base a new game on the structure of an existing, successful game, the truth is that the games that bring something new to the table are the ones that get everyone’s attention.

Even if it means making just a few minor adjustments to a game genre or style that already exists, every game designer should make it their goal to develop a title that provides players with an original and unique experience that they cannot obtain anywhere else.

It is true that it shares many of the basic features that are found in other role-playing games (RPGs), but what distinguishes it from other RPGs is the option to make friends with enemies and complete the game without killing a single foe.

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